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Hi! While some of this conent may have affiliate links, please know that I have watched, listened, read, or bought it myself. I will only shared with you things I love.

Donut Tutorial: Learn Blender

Let me tell you about a little lifesaver that guided me through the world of Blender with ease and a lot of fun. Meet the Blender Guru's Donut Tutorial – my go-to recommendation for any budding Blender artist. This tutorial was my first leap into creating magic in Blender, and it felt like having a wise friend who made those tricky first stages a total breeze.

The Diary Of A CEO

Ever stumbled upon a conversation so riveting that you feel like part of the circle? That's the cozy vibe 'The Diary of a CEO' podcast gives off. It's not just the who's who of guests that draws me in; it's the genuine expertise they bring to the table. Take, for example, the eye-opener of an episode with Dr. Mindy Pelz. Her insights into nutrition specifically for women had me rethinking my whole pantry! And when Ramit Sethi talks about personal finance, it's like getting a pep talk from a money-savvy buddy.


My go-to color palette generator. (Apart from Instagram of course 😂)


This is one of my go-to to find free images and videos!
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